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Re: [IPk] Holiday pump problems

Hi Andy and al
Jamie had an odd problem a few weeks ago, the pump was set to bolus and just 
froze with the bolus on it, doing nothing for about a minute, after which it 
worked and did the bolus. Hannah at Medtronic didi not knwo the cause, then 
last week on the way home from Scotland, we had the no delivery alarm, about 
2 hours after changing the set for the 2nd time.No idea why and it seemed to 
be working.
However it has been increasingly annoying in the past few months that at 
least half of all the quick sets Jamie has inserted, if not more, have hit 
blood vessels, normally smallish ones, but also one artery that spurted out 
rather a large display of blood on disconnection( whcih drew an audience in 
the theme park, people thinking he had been injured, and he was most 
embarrassed). Sometimes I put a cold  compress on the skin first, but he is 
not very ken on this - any suggetsions ?? anyone else having this problem ?

Debbie, Jamies Mum

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>Subject: [IPk] Holiday pump problems
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>Hi all,
>We have just experienced exactly the same problems with Sam's Minimed 508 
>as Donald reported a few weeks ago.  In our case, the added complication 
>was that we were on holiday in Belgium at the time!
>It appears to have been a software problem causing the pump to continually 
>reset itself and to drain a set of batteries in less than 24 hours.  The 
>reset eventually occurred every time we pressed a button, meaning that we 
>couldn't deliver any boluses.  This was after removing the batteries for 3 
>hours on the advice of Hannah at Medtronic.  After this, she set the ball 
>rolling to get another pump out to us overnight.
>The basal rates seemed to continue OK overnight until we had a NO DELIVERY 
>alarm at 6am the following morning, at which point we removed the pump and 
>went back to injections, to await the new pump.  This arrived during the 
>afternoon and we were finally able to reconnect Sam in the evening, at 
>which point the batteries that came with the new pump also went flat!  
>Thankfully, our last good set were OK.
>As always, we were well prepared with emergency supplies, so the only real 
>worry was getting down to our last set of batteries (we started out with 
>4!).  I must also say many thanks to Hannah and Yolandi at Medtronic for 
>getting us a replacement pump so quickly - it's lucky that this happened on 
>a weekday.  Sam's pump is now with Medtronic, awaiting testing.
>Has anyone else had similar problems recently?
>Father of Sam, age 8, dx Aug 1996
>508 just over a year
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