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Re: [IPk] Holiday pump problems

>I too had the same problem with my 508, just like Bev, Don and Sam. Mine
>happened about the same time as Bev's. I would suspect that there must
>others, perhaps some not on this list, who have also experienced this
>problem. I wonder how common it is. I would be interested to hear from
>Medtronic if they know why this problem occurs.

Hello all,

Is this the problem where the pump erases all the basal rates etc and
gives an e-01 alarm?  Mine had a fit of doing that about 3 months ago-
not just on pressing the button but on any movement .  This problem
happened about six months after a previous problem with in which the "ver
61bib" message that you get on changing the batteries appeared every time
I pressed a button - seeming to indicate a temporary power loss. 

The first prob was solved by cleaning the battery contacts and the second
by completely changing the battery holder.  I think that the battery
holder is the weakest part of the 508 actually - it's not particularly
foolproof and it's impossible to get the batteries in without
over-handling them - which I am told gets oil from fingers on them and
reduces the effectiveness of the contacts.  Or maybe I'm just
particularly oily......



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