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[IPk] Re: pump approval in the UK

Below is the reply I received from Paul Streets, Chief Executive of Diabetes
UK. It is self-explanatory. NICE is a good idea in principal, because if
approved, everyone in the NHS gets access, but it's a pity it moves so

If  NICE says 'not enough evidence to justify cost' then users of this
site/list become an important resource for providing the evidence.
Advantages that would sway NICE would include better control, ie lower
HbA1c, lower weight, lower BP/lipid levels, less hypos, less
hospitalisations. They would also respond to better satisfaction and
improved quality of life, which is where our own views as users come in.

For the moment, it seems a wait and see approach will have to suffice.

Tony O'Sullivan

Message follows:

...in fact...we have lobbied and won for pumps to be assessed by NICE -
this will happen next year I think...as you probably NICE appraises all new
technologies here and decides whether the NHS can afford them...so it is a
first step. Depending on the outcome we can decide whether or how to
lobby/campaign. The pumpers have been quite an effective lobby group within
Diabetes UK but we have to balance this against other campaigns...however
getting it to NICE is the first stage...

...if like beta interferon - NICE rejects pumps out of hand we have a major
problem (and probably an unwinnable campaign)...a perhaps more likely
result would be:
a) not enough evidence yet (over to suppliers to produce more)
b) too expensive when weighed against outcome (over to suppliers to reduce
c) yes...but only for some people.

...in my view more interestingly NICE is to appraise DAFNE (the education
programme for T1 described as 'pumps without buttons') that will really
challenge their biomedical methodology....

...so for the present...so far so good and wait and see!

See you soon.


Paul Streets
Chief Executive Diabetes UK

Tel: 0207 462 2665
Email: email @ redacted
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