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[IPk] Chat Feedback


	I missed the chat last night due to being stuck in  roadworks
(2.5hour journey taking double that - so ate a pack of maltesers, mmm thank
goodness for my pump!!).  

	My views on the chats are noted below.

> Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 17:05:28 +0200
> From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IPk] Chat feedback
> Do you prefer daytime/lunchtime chats when you're at work and probably
> have
> free internet access? Or do you prefer evening chats when (hopefully!)
> your
> business of the day is finished? [A Sheal]  Why don't we try a day time
> one and see if there is better take up?  One danger might be that
> workplace access might be restricted? Maybe if we looked at a regular slot
> people would get into the habit?   
> Does the idea of live chatting appeal to you at all? Does having a
> representative from a pump company make it seem too formal? [A Sheal]    I
> think there is room for a variety of options, pump reps, maybe John Davis,
> Elizabeth's nutrition chat, then topic specific, like exercise, travel
> tips and the like?  
> Would you like more reminders about the day and time of the chat? Perhaps
> a
> week before, the day before, and on the day itself? [A Sheal]   Definitely
> need one on the day itself, but I feel that you generally keep people
> informed. 
> Do you have trouble getting into the chat room? Should I give further
> explaination what to do? [A Sheal]   It works well for me as it is and I
> use Freeserve at home!!!
	Happy to come up with ideas if needs be!

	Audrey Sheal 

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