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attitudes to diabetes was RE: [IPk] re pump propaganda

Abigail wrote:

The truth is that the care available to most diabetics shows a
complete abdication of any responsibilty. I feel that doctors and patients
often collude together in denial rather than really try to work out the
problems and when patients do want to take responsibility for themselves
they face this ridiculous argument of doctor not wanting to be responsible
if things go wrong.

I had to go to eye and ear casualty today and the triage nurse asked me: who
looks after your diabetes? I, of course, answered 'I do'.I've heard thi
squestion asked before and I don't think it's simply an Irish turn of phrase
but a window into a mindset that confronts anyone accessing medical care,
but is particularly bad for people such as ourselves with serious ongoing
medical conditions. The medical people refuse to let you take responsibility
(hence the nurse's question) but at the same time, for whatever reason, are
quick to blame the client when something goes wrong. We need to challenge it
not only in the diabetes clinics, but whenever we access medical care, and
we need to be available as advocates for family and friends who can't do
this for themselves when they're accessing medical care.

Abi, if lay pump users are any use to you, I will be happy to sign your
letter to the BMJ. That man's letter could do a huge amount of damage.

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