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Re: [IPk] Funding / Waiting

Hi Tony

It was an interesting and a good experience.

At 23:54 24/09/2001, you wrote:
>That sounds like an interesting experience Steven, and one that I'm trying
>to replicate for Ireland's 15,000 type 1's at the moment. Besides the
>worthwhile recommendation, did the NSF group consider issues of funding, and
>prioritising treatment options that people make these informed choices

I don't think there was anything in terms of prioritising treatment 
options, it was more a case of trying to ensure people where appropriately 
informed about the options that would be relevant to them and their 
lifestyles etc. This would be done by trying to ensure the healthcare 
professionals looked at an individuals requirements, lifestyle, ability etc 
rather than using "standard off the shelf solutions" ie 4 injections per 
day using x and y insulins because that is what we do for all type 1's - 
that is a bit harsh but it does happen.

Funding is always going to be an issue and the NHS have gone someway of 
addressing it - albeit it is NOT easy (understatement) and it is 
inconsistent throughout the UK.

With the Diabetes NSF, there should be additional funds from the Government 
to enable its implementation over a 10 year period - how much and what it 
will provide remains to be seen.

One of the key factors in the NSF is there must be evidence as to the 
benefit of a particular regime or option, if there is a benefit then it 
should be available to people living with diabetes. Whether it is funded by 
the NHS is another issue. I believe NICE are currently looking at pump 
therapy and it will possibly be a couple of years before they report back.

>It seems almost worse than being ignored, to be enabled to make
>informed choices, then not enabled to carry them out!
>I'd like to get in touch with PUMP, to see if I could borrow any of their
>ideas, not just about influencing professionals about pump therapy, but
>about any innovation, including multi-dose regimens and pens in many cases!
>Do you know of a contact number or e-mail?

As a member of PUMP, drop me a line off the list and I will see what I can do.

Kind regards



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