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Re: [IPk] Funding / Waiting

Hi Tony

I just wanted to pick up one point in your post.

I was part of the Type 1 working group on the Diabetes NSF, to reflect the 
views of people living with diabetes, I was NOT there on behalf of Diabetes UK.

The issues of including pump therapy came up, not only raised by myself but 
also by some of the healthcare professionals on the working group. But it 
was part of a bigger/wider issue in relation to people being able to make 
informed choices about the type of regimes/treatments they should receive. 
Some people are still being put on insulin regimes which are not 
appropriate to them or their lifestyle because the Doctor always "uses that 

The outcome/recommendation is that people living with diabetes should be 
given the appropriate information to enable them to make informed choices 
about the different regimes/treatments that are available. This includes 
pump therapy.

In terms of promoting pump therapy to healthcare professionals, that is 
being done at the moment by a group of Healthcare professionals (PUMP) 
already involved in pump therapy and they are working extremely hard on 
this issue.

Kind regards


>It seems you have two problems in the UK; one, to persuade professionals to
>give pumps a chance, and two, to persuade the NHS to fund them.
>The second may already have been done by the involvement of diabetes UK in
>the National Service Framework, which will be published shortly. I will
>contact Paul Streets to confirm this. The former needs further realistic
>promotion to professionals, emanating from respected peers. One option is to
>conduct a study, possibly a simple survey, among current pump users relating
>to safety, satisfaction, and outcomes particularly HbA1cs. Something like
>this would have a bigger impact on professional behaviour than any amount of
>grumbling, albeit justified, from users!

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