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Re: [IPk] re pump propaganda

>With regards to your anecdote about the pumper who
>died: could that happen with the technology we use
>now? What I mean is, if your infusion set fell out,
>say, as you were falling asleep could you really be
>dead by the morning?

Jenny - I'm recounting a second-hand tale, so I don't know the full facts,
but I would guess he had been disconnected not just overnight, but possibly
since earlier in the day, and nobody paid any attention to him until much
later the following day. And I would guess that the severe alcohol overdose
(which makes you dehydrated in any case) would have made the situation a
whole lot worse (it's the dehydration that makes DKA serious).

But certainly, drinking yourself into oblivion is not good for your health,
and if you are on a pump, it is all the more risky.

Personally, if my bg goes v. high during the night, the first thing that
happens is that I need to go to the loo. And if that happens, I intuitively
check my infusion set, even if I don't check my bg.

I believe that the new Disetronic D-TRON pump has some clever mechanism
where it can detect a fallen out, or leaking, infusion set, since the
pressure detector finds the insulin much easier to pump. Perhaps a D-TRON
user could confirm if this amazing piece of engineering really works :-)


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