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[IPk] GlucoWatch

Dear all

I have had the watch since last Wednesday, the first day I had a nurse come to
go through the running of it and I found it not too hard.

I did not have a problem on using the watch and I was hoping that it would
work for me as I had heard that there has been a lot of people that it has not
worked for.

Anyway back to the first day, I thought the watch was working until after a
period of 6 hours remember there is a warm up period of 3 hours.

I started to get SKIP PRSP and the time come up,  on the watch.  This means a
perspiration skip the watch can not function in damp or hot place's,  just a
note I work in a kitchen.

I got 3 reading of the same, in fact the watch did not work for me the first

The next time I put the watch on,  was that night 3 hours before bed to see if
it would work through the night, I got a few readings in the early part of the
night  as the night pasted and morning arrived  06:30 it was time for me to
get up for work.

I had a look at the watch reading and I did get a good few reading till I
started to get low blood sugars and the watch must have alarmed but I did not
hear it and after a few SKIP PRSP had showed up it turned off.

I could still see all the readings that were on the watch before I started to
sweet my way to morning.

I have been getting SKIP readings for a couple of days.   I have been on the
phone to the company please note a free call everyday.

I have found the guys and gals on the other end very kind and helpful.

Today I was at home no work not plat just a day at home TV and a friend around
for lunch.
how did I get on today with the watch.

Well I got over 23 readings, how ever near the end of the afternoon I started
to get a reading of CAL this message is asking me to enter a blood glucose
reading form my normal meter and it did this over 5 times, there was something
going wrong I think so I got on the phone to the company and went through the
readings that I got all day.

They made a note of it and are going to forward them to someone who will how a
bit more.

I asked the guy how long he had work there? 2 week he told me, so I am
prepared to wait for more help.

Also after I took off the watch,  on the arm where I had the watch, as the
company had told me.

I had little burn like blisters, little red 1/2 inch dots where the
AutoSensor's pressed to the arm.

I had to shave the arm, so the watch could be placed on the skin with no
interference from the body hair.

Hope this help.

More news will follow as I go through the testing of the watch.

By the way my MiniMed pump arrives tomorrow or the next day so keep all that
information coming

regards Donald
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