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[IPk] re pump propaganda

I've got plans to write but must gather facts, references etc. I've noted
some references and will get these from the library. Frankly I'm furious
that this g.t has harmed pump reputation due to one mishap that could have
been avoided and if I don't clear my head I'm going to write something that
will be unpublishable. As it is I would like to make some cutting remarks
about accountability to patients, early deaths due to poor glycaemic control
and lives debilitated due to hypoglycaemia. I feel that he was arguing on
the grounds of responsiblity ie laziness, not wanting to update knowledge.
In some ways I think DM must be one of the worse conditions to have due to
a) the alleged controllability of the disease vs b) the inevitability of
problems. ie physicians can use arguments either way to support themselves
and fob off patients, so that a death resulting on a therapy they can't
really be bothered with is due to the inherent dangerousness of that
treatment whereas any problems related to conventional treatments are a)
either the patients fault or b) the inherent problems arising from dm
The responsibility argument: I'm sure people reluctant to allow pumps use
that one. The truth is that the care available to most diabetics shows a
complete abdication of any responsibilty. I feel that doctors and patients
often collude together in denial rather than really try to work out the
problems and when patients do want to take responsibility for themselves
they face this ridiculous argument of doctor not wanting to be responsible
if things go wrong. Well they don't seem to be responsible anyway. They
don't have to live with the disease and it's consequences and in these more
enlightended days of patient choice and autonomy, hopefully they're not
going to continue to use that one
I want to put something at the end of the letter about outdated attitudes
and infer that perhaps it's time for this guy to retire. I also wonder
whether results of more recent trials would be of use.
After all this anger I'm afraid that the stress may have pushed me into DKA
so I'm going to have to check my BG and may have to make some adjustments to
my " death machine"
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