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Re: [IPk] Retinopathy

>Hi Pat and Tony Thanks so much for your reassurancewith regards to
>retinopathy, it was most helpful. Many years ago I lost my sight in a week
>due to poor contrOl I had developed Diabetic cataracts so I have always been
>grateful for every day of sight so I do have my eyes checked at least every
>6 months in a specialist clinic. I now have claucoma as a complication from
>the original surgery so when he announced the retinopathy I just freaked out
>but I have since found out that it is background and not laserable yet

Hi Carmel -

I'm sure you know - background retinopathy is considered "normal" after
many years of diabetes, and I believe it does not in itself represent a
complication that requires treatment. Not that that is much consolation,
but that's how the body works.

Glad you're being checked every 6 months! I had a check last Friday
(everything OK) and it was my first eye check for 2 years, which is rather
naughty of me, but there we are.

The eye-guy who did me said that they now reckon high blood pressure is
even more serious in terms of eye damage than high bg. I've not heard it
put so strongly before. As I do have a borderline high blood pressure
(140/90) this is something I need to watch carefully.


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