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Re: [IPk] Retinopathy (was Re: Chilren with pumps)

Hi Pat and Tony Thanks so much for your reassurancewith regards to 
retinopathy, it was most helpful. Many years ago I lost my sight in a week 
due to poor contrOl I had developed Diabetic cataracts so I have always been 
grateful for every day of sight so I do have my eyes checked at least every 
6 months in a specialist clinic. I now have claucoma as a complication from 
the original surgery so when he announced the retinopathy I just freaked out 
but I have since found out that it is background and not laserable yet 
Thanks for your help Carmel

>From: "Tony O'Sullivan" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: Re: [IPk] Retinopathy (was Re: Chilren with pumps)
>Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 22:58:27 +0100
>Dear Carmel, just to add to Pat's words of support, it is probably
>impossible to have NO changes at the back of the eye after 25 years or more
>of diabetes. Retinopathy can be as small as a tiny swelling in a blood
>vessel in a very unimportant part of the retina, and this may be another
>reason why the doctor wasn't terribly impressed by it. It may not need any
>further treatment for many years, and retinopathy is now so treatable that
>once detected it is unlikely to EVER threaten your sight.
>While it is true that improving control sometimes triggers a moderate
>progression in retinopathy, better control is still the BEST way to stop it
>in its tracks. Control of other risk factors, particularly blood pressure
>and micro-albumin in the urine, also help. Some research is now suggesting
>we should use a tablet called an ACE inhibitor to protect from progressive
>retinopathy. This makes some sense, as these BP-lowering meds certainly
>protect against progression of the other "small vessel" complication, 
>trouble. Like Pat, I've had a touch of laser after 25 yrs T1, and my sight
>is the better for it. I'm supposed to be taking an ACE inhibitor, but I
>can't bring myself to take tablets. Injections, pumps, and lancets no
>problem, but a tablet.......!
>We all carry fears about diabetes complications that derive from the
>experiences of people 5-10 years ago. Things are a whole lot better now. I
>wouldn't worry about anyone with detected retinal problems, what worries me
>is the people who don't get their eyes checked at all, or have a cursory
>examination by someone who is not truly qualified.
>My advice, is be looked at EVERY year (from diagnosis in T2, or after 5
>years of T1) with drops to dilate the pupils, by an eye specialist, a
>retinal camera or a diabetes specialist. This is a standard I expect will 
>adopted throughout Europe. If it isn't happening, insist on it or contact
>the DFI or Diabetes UK.
>We all fear loss of sight more than anything. For me, this is the most
>important reason to keep working hard, as we are all doing. Everything will
>work out fine Carmel. Basically what I'm trying to suggest is, we need more
>determination and less fear.
>Tony O'Sullivan
>email @ redacted
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>From: "Pat Reynolds" <email @ redacted>
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>Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 9:49 PM
>Subject: [IPk] Retinopathy (was Re: Chilren with pumps)
> > Dear Carmel,
> >
> > Did you recently improve your control?  Improved control is (ironically
> > enough) a trigger for diabetic retinopathy (mine developed when I was
> > able to start measuring my blood glucose, and hence improved my
> > control).  It's one reason why everyone starting the pump should see an
> > eye specialist soon after.
> >
> > My eyes don't seem to have been affected by the improved control from
> > the pump.
> >
> > Have you been given laser treatment yet?  It's not nice ... you have to
> > stare at a flashing - which sounds ok, but is wearying, and after you
> > feel bruised.  In my case, it's been very effective - and while there
> > have been some downsides (loss of quality of colour vision, not being
> > able to see both near and far with one pair of glasses, and poor night
> > vision), I still see well enough to drive.
> >
> > As to the attitude of the doctors ... well, I guess they don't realise
> > the impact of what they say.
> >
> > Best wishes,
> >
> > Pat
> > dm 30+, 508 5months+, not wanting to file her heap of photocopying!)
> >
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