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[IPk] Retinopathy (was Re: Chilren with pumps)

Hello everyone

I've been away from the email for a few days but have just starting reading what I've missed (only the 200 or so messages to go!).

I too have to admit to putting down false BG's in the book just before going into clinic and also, as a child, watering down my wee when given a pot to get a sample at clinic in the belief that it would dilute the sugars!

I noted Pat's message saying that an improvemnet in control can trigger retinopathy.  I have had this since I was 16 and had lots of laser on both eyes, but going on the pump seems to have settled mine down.  I haven't has laser for about a yhear now and the hosp have let me off going back for 6 months.

I've had niggly pains in my feet for a while which, after going on the pump, have got worse.  I weent to the doctors with it and have been told that I have neuropathic pain but no loss of sensation.  The doctor also told me that there was evidence that the pain worsened as control improved!!  Almost tempting to have worse control and comfortable feet - NOT!!

Best Wishes

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