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RE: [IPk] calculating insulin doses

>Excuse me for being a cynic but this seems a ludicrous calculation. The idea
>of being on a pump is to give you flexibility in eating habits and amounts.
>Therefore your daily dosage will vary fairly dramatically depending on what
>you are doing. I can see no logical reason to expect my insulin requirement
>to increase for the same amount of carbohydrate value if I am taking more

This "rule of 80" is a rule of thumb. Most people in practice have a
typical daily dose - what they eat on a typical day, eating a typical
amount of food. Yes, if you eat nothing, you'll use a lot less insulin, and
if you pig out all day, you'll use a lot more. But I wouldn't describe
either of those as being typical days :-) Looking back through the memory
in my pump, I can see that in the last week I've used between 30 and 40
units a day. Let's call it 35.

So I divide 80 by 35 to get 2.3. To keep the maths easy, I call it 2.5 and
that seems to be how much lower 1 unit takes my bg. It'll vary from person
to person, but that figure seems to give me the results I want.

>I would suggest the easiest way to work out your insulin requirement for set
>carb intakes is to run a BG of between 4.5-7mmol and then take a known
>amount of food e.g. a Digestive biscuit or something with 10g carb . 1st
>wait for 1 hour to see what your BG increase is. Somewhere in the region of
>2.5mmol - 5mmol. Now give yourself a set amount of insulin. I would suggest
>2.5u to start with and wait 2 hours doing BG every 30min and see the drop.
>Based on these results you can easily work out the required insulin dosage
>for 10gCarb  and therefore work out your standards for insulin requirements
>when eating.

I'd suggest sucking 3 glucose tablets would be better than eating a
digestive buiscuit. There is a certainty involved in sucking glucose - it
can go nowhere except into the blood. Digestive buiscuits may hang around
in the stomach and gut for some time...

Note that if my carb/insulin ratio is 15g per unit
and my insulin sensitivity is 2.5 mmol/L per unit
that means that if I eat 15g glucose, my bg should rise by 2.5mmol/L (30-60

That's something that is very easy to check.


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