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RE: [IPk] calculating insulin doses

>Excuse me for being a cynic but this seems a ludicrous calculation.

Yes, your insulin dose will vary over the day, but most people will have a
'typical' day: for example, most weekedays someone might use x+/- y units of
insulin. So someone trying to decide their carb ratio can begin by looking
at what their most typical total daily dose is, and then work from there.

There is another half to this rule that's in books such as _Stop the
Rollercoaster_ and _Pumping Insulin_: a table that gives similar figures
based on weight. When trying to determine how much one unit will drop your
BG, you're advised to take the higher of the two figures. So, if the 1500
rule tells you one unit would drop your BG by 3 mmol but according to the
weight chart it would drop your BG by 4 mmol, you're advised to use the
weight figure to provide a margin of safety. And once you have the
guideline, you can monitor your results and see if, indeed, you need to use
the lower figure.

These things are guidelines. They're there to give a convenient starting
point. If insulin doses or weight fluctuate significantly over a period of
time, it's also a useful way of readjusting your figures. But if you don't
find it useful, certainly, don't use it.

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