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Re: [IPk] calculating insulin doses

Hi Jenny

Try this link, and I am sure that others with post more info.  I dont know
if this will be a help.



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From: "jenny davey" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: 12 September 2001 08:14
Subject: [IPk] calculating insulin doses

> Hello everyone,
> I have read very precise statements from some of you
> about 1 unit of insulin reducing your bg by 3.6 or
> some such. I was wondering how you test this? (Bear
> with me if this is something really basic that a
> pumper of 4 months should know!).
> Do you wait til you have a highish bg then bolus 1
> unit and keep testing?! Can it be worked out just by
> looking at a day's results? How does the basal rate
> come into it?
> Oh, so many questions, I know but I am curious.
> Good HBA1c news: When I started the pump in May it was
> 10.2, my test last week was 8.3 :-) Yes, I know that
> 8.3 is still too high, but...
> Cheers all
> Jenny
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