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Re: [IPk] How to edit ip digests

>Further to my earlier plea, the other half has finally got off his backside
>and shown me how to do it (edit a digest, I mean).  I will try his method

Mary - sorry there was a limited response to your plea for help :-) (but
thank you Pat!) I hope you are feeling a little happier about wrestling
with emails.

A few things it may be worth saying to everyone:

If you get the digest version of this group (it's about one longish email a
day), you might want to consider getting individual emails instead. Write
to help@insulin-pumpers.org asking to be changed, and one of our little
gnomes will change you over straight away. Replying then becomes a lot
easier: you just hit the reply button. You can move interesting emails to
your "interesting email" mail folder, and delete the rest.

If you have the digest, you can save "interesting bits" by highlighting the
interesting bit (click and drag). Then copy (ctrl-C). Then paste (ctrl-V)
into a good old Notepad document - or any other word processing program you
like to use. I'm a terrible hoarder, and I have piles of "interesting
stuff" lying around. Having it in one place makes it easy to search through
later on.

You can also read any emails on-line. Start at

Then go to "Read Insulin Pumpers UK mail archives". You will see all the
emails listed month by month.

Also try "Search discussion group archives". You can find all emails from a
certain person, or search by title, or part of the title, or what is in the
email. Play around with it to your hearts content :-)

(To read emails on-line, you may need to sign in with your email address,
and password pumper.)


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