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Re: [IPk] Minimed 508 volume problem

>I don't think so, because there's a certain lag between no insulin getting
>through and the alarm going off.....so you can miss several tenths of a unit
>before the alarm goes off. Try blocking delivery manually, and you'll see.
>That's what worries me about running out halfway through a bolus - youdon't
>really know how much you've missed.

Now think carefully, Di :-)

If you tie a knot in the tubing, or indeed block the cannula, there is a
certain elasticity in the system. It will all expand slightly as the
insulin is pumped with nowhere to go. So there's a slight delay before the
alarm goes off. The delay is even longer if there is air in the system.

But if you run out of insulin, where is the elasticity? There isn't any.
The drive arm is pushing a solid plunger against the end of a solid
syringe. The moment it tries to push another 0.1 units through, and can't,
the pressure buildup will be immediate, setting off the no delivery alarm

Or am I talking a load of twaddle?


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