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Re: [IPk] Minimed 508 volume problem

>First, I don't want to have it run out during a bolus, so I'm left wondering
>how much it actually gave before giving in.

On my older MiniMed 507, if a no delivery alarm goes off mid-bolus, the
screen shows how much insulin has already gone in...

>Second, I prefer to change everything together, especially in the light of
>discussion on this site about infection. It's the kind of thing I'd like to
>do in my own time, and in the right circumstances, ie at home rather than at
>the start of a wedding or in a pub (not that I go to many weddings, you

Yup. I wouldn't knowingly leave the house in the morning without enough
insulin in the cartridge to see me through until I got home. So I waste 20
units. What does that cost? 50p? Desite my provocative comments to Pat, I
don't normally worry about smallish sums like that :-)

One thing that puzzles me - if I run to empty (which I often do if I'm at
home all day), when the alarm goes off, is that reporting the very first
0.1 units that I have missed?


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