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[IPk] Lying and Copying

I love all this confessing!  When I was younger I always used to make up
results, which when I looked back made no sense at all!!  I then went though
a not making them up at all and having really "difficult" clinic
appointments, with a nice Dr who probably felt like screaming at me!  Now
what I have started to do is have days off recording - in fact I took a
whole two weeks off not so long ago - still tested but no writing down.  I
am sure lying to Dr's is quite a normal thing to do - but really I now
wonder why I even bothered..........!!

On another matter, I had a chat with my chemist the other day - her son is
diabetic (aged 18yrs now but dx'd at 18 months) - anyway he is having real
difficulties with his BG's (lots of spikes, very high insulin  usage,
terrible hypos etc) and he had spoken to the clinic about the pump.  Their
suggestion was that what he should try first is injecting on a two hourly
basis but smaller doses?!  I can see their logic in the impact this would
have but the methodology verges on the barbaric.

Audrey Sheal
IDDM 20 years+, Pumper very nearly one year (the best health year I have had
in a long, long time I might add!)
> ------------------------------
> Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2001 07:12:57 +0100
> From: Pat Reynolds <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IPk] Lying and copying (was: Scar tissue)
> I too used to lie (about urine tests, when a child).  Then I gave up,
> and just said 'I don't test'.  Then when I started to test (I had really
> bad sinusitis, and was on coproximol (distalgesic) and I found that this
> cut the pain down to an acceptable level). Astonishingly, all the
> doctors I've told this too have said prescribing a strong painkiller for
> a month so that people can build up their calluses is 'unacceptable
> practice'. 
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