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[IPk] Lying and copying (was: Scar tissue)

I too used to lie (about urine tests, when a child).  Then I gave up,
and just said 'I don't test'.  Then when I started to test (I had really
bad sinusitis, and was on coproximol (distalgesic) and I found that this
cut the pain down to an acceptable level). Astonishingly, all the
doctors I've told this too have said prescribing a strong painkiller for
a month so that people can build up their calluses is 'unacceptable

I had completely forgotten that one was supposed to lie to doctors.  So
I recorded exactly what happened.  The crunch point (ha!) was one high
that I noted 'too many crisps' - it was one of those nibbly evenings,
and I can never keep track!.  I was lectured about the Badness of Too
Many Crisps.  After the third time (GP, junior doctor, specialist, I
blew up - and asked him whether he'd prefer that I said 'I don't know
why I got that high' or to say 'and what have you learned from this
instance' and, if I appeared not to have learned anything _then_ to
launch the education programme - but 'you are a bad person' is not
something I'm going to take. 

OK, how to get the bits of message you want to quote.  Hit the 'reply
to' key, so you have a message before you with the
> in front of the
> lines to quote.

Then open Notepad, and copy and paste the bits you want to answer into

Abandon the message with
>the bits like this
>in it.

And open a new message.  Copy and paste your edited sections back out of
notepad into the new message.

You can write your responses either in your email programme, or while
it's in Notepad, of course.

Best wishes to all,


In message <003401c137d6$2d529380$email @ redacted>, paulleonard
<email @ redacted> writes
>John wrote "..but I filled in fictitious results in the book to keep everyone
>happy.  Took about 15 minutes to fill in the book just before a clinic
>John, you naughty person!!
>OK, so I used to do exactly the same:-) (Fader o'Sullivan, are ye listenin'
>Help!!! Could someone please put this poor, computer-illiterate person out of
>her misery (wait for it...) and tell me how to save bits of the digest? 

Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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