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Re: [IPk] Exercise

Hi Bev
That's interesting. Do you mean that you didn't decrease your insulin or
take any carbs before your run? I know others have found the same thing,
though it would never work for me - I'd be on the floor in minutes if I
didn't start with a BG of at least 10 (which I don't like to do). But that's
great if it works (and you get to eat the chocolate bar later). Of course,
you could always reduce your basal for the next 2 hours, but that wouldn't
be so much fun :-)

> As an update to the past correspondance.  I have noticed my
> BGM's still rising slightly after running (following reducing
> basal by 40% for 1/2 an hour prior to run but putting it back
> to normal before I start the run) so recently I decided to
> try keeping everything as normal but making sure my BGM was
> 7. something before I started (which I try to do anyway).
> I found that folowing a 2.5 mile run (25 mins) it kept
> constant and today after a 4 mile run (37 mins) it also kept
> constant (7.6 before I started and 7.4 when I got back).  It
> does however fall quickly 2 - 3 hours later.  However I look
> forward to my mid-afternoon chocolate bar after a run so that
> side-effect is a bonus!  If I build up over 4 miles (no
> promises - academic interest could prove painful!)  I will
> see the point at which It does start to fall and I do need to
> cut back the basal/take glucose before/during running.
> Bev
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