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Re: false results was RE: [IPk] Scar tissue

> You nosey cow! ;-)

Shocking, isn't it? I didn't go out of my way to do it, but I happened to have
his meter in my hand and was just curious as to whether he really was getting
the fantastic results he claimed....

 > Actually, when you delete on the Esprit/Dex
(press button B before closing > the cover), it doesn't physically remover the
result - it just just marks > it as please ignore, and doesn't include it in the
various averages that it > shows. But all those >15's are still there for your
doctor to see :-) > 

Ah, I thought it removed them when you download to Winglucofacts. Remove them
from the displayed results, not from the meter itself.

  > Slightly tougher was a
situation I found myself in a few months back: I > found that the time on my
meter was completely wrong and had been for some > time. (A certain young
gentleman in the house who likes fiddling with > things was implicated!) Since
I download all my results, I had to go back > and fiddle the results. The next
time I would download, the "wrong time" > results would get mixed up with the
"corrected time" results, creating > chaos. Easy - I reset my meter. Did I have
my manual with me? NO! Did I > have WinGlucofacts? NO! Did removing the battery
delete the results? NO! > Could I remember how I had accidentally deleted them
all a few years ago? > NO! I found the manual about a week later, and
successfully cleared the > memory (some crazy combination of button presses is
required) > 

One thing I dislike about the Esprit is the unintuitive nature of the display.
Changing the time (every time I go abroad, which is quite often) involves
pressing a random series of buttons for about half an hour till I get the right
combination. At the weekend I tried to find out how to convert the display from
mmol/l to mg/dl (I'm sure you can) but failed dismally.....
Someone will doubtless now tell me how to do both, and I will promptly have
forgotten in about half an hour's time :-)
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