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Re: false results was RE: [IPk] Scar tissue

>The Esprit / Dex has that facility too. Occasionally I delete them by mistake!
>When I was on holiday with my dad last month, he was showing off every time he
>had a good BG result and saying his control was better than mine because he
>would have 5.0 and I would have 6.1 or something. I took a look at his meter
>when he was out and saw that actually, most of his results were around 15 and

You nosey cow! ;-)

Actually, when you delete on the Esprit/Dex (press button B before closing
the cover), it doesn't physically remover the result - it just just marks
it as please ignore, and doesn't include it in the various averages that it
shows. But all those >15's are still there for your doctor to see :-)

Slightly tougher was a situation I found myself in a few months back: I
found that the time on my meter was completely wrong and had been for some
time. (A certain young gentleman in the house who likes fiddling with
things was implicated!) Since I download all my results, I had to go back
and fiddle the results. The next time I would download, the "wrong time"
results would get mixed up with the "corrected time" results, creating
chaos. Easy - I reset my meter. Did I have my manual with me? NO! Did I
have WinGlucofacts? NO! Did removing the battery delete the results? NO!
Could I remember how I had accidentally deleted them all a few years ago?
NO! I found the manual about a week later, and successfully cleared the
memory (some crazy combination of button presses is required)


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