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Re: false results was RE: [IPk] Scar tissue

> Someone my partner works with has a meter that allows you to delete results.
> And, to top it, she shared this meter with her father! She would immediately
> delete any result she didn't like. She's married and moved out of home now.
> I don't know if she has a meter or not.
> elizabeth

The Esprit / Dex has that facility too. Occasionally I delete them by mistake!
When I was on holiday with my dad last month, he was showing off every time he
had a good BG result and saying his control was better than mine because he
would have 5.0 and I would have 6.1 or something. I took a look at his meter
when he was out and saw that actually, most of his results were around 15 and
16. He'd kept very quiet about that!!! Still, I'm just happy that he's testing
regularly, so I didn't say anything!
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