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Re: [IPk] Scar tissue

>I think in my case the hypertrophy affected my whole belly equally, a sort
>of lipo-distribution. Maybe it was insulin, maybe something else! My fingers
>escaped, but perhaps that is because I did around NO tests for about 10
>years of my diabetes. So come on people, it's confession time.....Father
>O'Sullivan will hear your sins now...?

I'm probably slightly worse than you: for about 5 years (late 70's early
80's) I did almost no urine tests (home bg testing wasn't available then -
you tested your urine for glucose twice a day) - but I filled in fictitious
results in the book to keep everyone happy. Took about 15 minutes to fill
in the book just before a clinic appointment. I had a selection of pencils
and pens so it didn't look like I'd filled it all in in one go, and I put
in a convincing range of numbers, good and bad. I was at secondary school
then, and quite clever at getting maximum praise with minimum effort. I
believe accountants these days have statistical processes for spotting made
up entries in a sales ledger. Shortly afterwards many doctors stopped
looking at log books when they conceded that they were usually made up. A
patient typically seeks a doctors praise, and feeding the doctor fictitious
figures is a great way to do this. That's why HbA1c's are favoured - it's
entirely within the doctors control. Stuffing fictitious results into the
memory of a bg meter is more tricky - and you would probably need your
husband/wife to check their bg instead of yours.


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