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[IPk] Scar tissue

Hi all,

I've always hated testing on any finger (haven't we all!), and as a teenager
decided that just one finger was going to get it, the one that seemed not too
useful and hurt least!  (And how I hated it during hospital admissions when
staff insisted on using other fingers to test...) So my left little finger has
had many thousands of jabs over the last 28 years, and there is a large callus
there now which is unsightly but I don't think anyone else notices (they've
far more interesting things to think about!).  I also have some neuropathy and
think that although my practice is a bit unusual, and I probably wouldn't
recommend it to a new diabetic, it's probably responsible for the sensation
that's still left.

Having been away for a few days, I shan't comment on the antibiotics and other
scar tissue issues that have been discussed, you've worked most of it out
already!  Julian and John, I think you mean lipohypertrophy - generally caused
by too many injections in the same site (usually by someone who prefers not to
use multiple sites, and easily accomplished if you're on MDI).  I have it too,
on my MDI preferred site (thighs).  The good news is that on pump therapy,
using a different part of the body (abdomen), for me at least it's got much
better and practically disappeared visually, although I'm sure that poor
absorption if I did use those sites would continue for a long time to come.

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