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RE: [IPk] Scar tissue

>I have a d friend who has been injecting for at least 20 years, and has been
>changed to a longer (12mm I think) needle "to get through the scar tissue".
>She is 37.
>She is on MDI injecting into the thighs usually.
>Noone has mentioned the lipo-xxxx lumps condition that occurs at over-used
>injection sites, but can go away.

Food for thought isn't it. Although we all hope for a cure, it's sensible
to plan to have diabetes for the rest of your life. And that means working
now to limit the damage we might do in the long run. On injections, I guess
that means using a new syringe every day. A knackered point on a syringe
will still inject OK, but will make a hell of a lot more mess inside you.
And changing the lancet every day to minimise long term finger damage?
Again, blunt lancets still cut, but they surely leave a lot more of wound.

It's well know that insulin is absorbed at different rates from different
parts of the body (thigh, stomach, buttock, upper arm etc). But doctors
also advocate moving around a lot - presumably to avoid this build up of
scar tissue and lipo-xxxx (hyperlitrophy??? - not lipo-suction surely ;-) )
This presents a dilemma: how to you get predictable release while injecting
in a wide variety of sites? German diabetes literature I've seen advocates,
say, thigh for your bedtime insulin, but stomach for the daytime stuff.

I wonder if today's multiple daily injection routines create much more
tissue damage than twice daily injections?

>Me, I have relatively poor circulation to the fingers (cold in winter) and
>find that if I stop testing for about 3 or 4 days most of the dot scars go
>away. I test about 50 times a week normally, using the sides of 4-6 fingers.

I avoid the pad of the finger tip, and the very end of the finger. They
bleed very well, but that is what I touch and feel things with, and I'd
rather not damage the nerves there. I use the sides of my fingers and up
round the base of the nail, which also bleed well.


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