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Re: [IPk] insulin support groups(local-area)Thanks "Di"

On Wed, 05 Sep 2001, you wrote:
> Sorry to confuse you Di!

That's quite OK - I'm easily confused!!!

> I was looking for local support groups, i did not know about the group in 
> manchester.
> My diabetes nurse tells me the group is geared mostly to type2 diabetics.
> However, when i find a group in the manchester area, i am hoping they can 
> help with advice on rare diabetic disorders such as mine, ie:- my imune 
> system has developed antibodies that attack and destroy insulin, which is 
> rare and the mri has had no such cases before.
> Even hope hospital's group have no advice on such disorders!
> So the answer to your question is that i am looking for a larger local group, 
> with the hope of good advice and experience behind them!

Aha - now I understand. yes, I wouldn't have thought the Manchester group would
be much help in that case. My impression was that they were geared wards type
IIs, which is why I never got  involved with them when I lived in Manchester.
I don't think there is really anything between the local Manchester group and
tnational groups such as Diabetes UK. Have you been in touch with Diabetes UK
at all???  Since it seems to be so rare, you're probably better off looking for
help nationally rather than locally.
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