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Re: [IPk] Scar tissue

>Consider your poor fingertips!

To be honest, mine seem to be surviving OK. Maybe I'm lucky. I've been
testing pretty intensively since I went to university in 1984 (crickey -
that's 17 years ago!), having been diagnosed in 1977. If I clean my hands
with Swarfega (after stripping down a car engine or something) that will
open lots of recent little wounds, but I don't use Swarfega much.

Incidently, my trusty SoftTouch finger pricker half fell apart a few months
ago. It had given me years of faithful service. Just at that time had to
get a replacement Bayer Esprit (Dex) and that came with a MicroLet finger
pricker. I hate the thing! For the first time in my life, finger pricking
*hurts* - on the shallow and deep setting. I'm about to go back and get my
original SoftTouch model. Wonder if people's complaints about finger
pricking pain is related to the pricker, rather than the skin or lancet?
Clearly they are not all the same...

>I use the sharpest, thinnest ones I've found: B-D Ultra-Fine.

What size is it? I'm slowly working my way through a 200-box of 28G B-D
Micro-Fines. (Same box since 1995 - I'm now 2/3 of the way though. Work out
for yourself how often I change...) I wonder if US Ultra-Fine = UK
Micro-Fine? The latest B-D Micro-Fines seems to be 30G (bigger number =
finer point). Perhaps I should get some in.


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