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Re: [IPk] Scar tissue

On Tue, 04 Sep 2001, you wrote:
> John,
> Consider your poor fingertips!  When I look at mine, I see lots of little
> black dots, scars from fingersticks of the past 7 years.  Thanks to scar
> tissue and nerve damage, I can barely feel a lancet on the sides of my
> fingertips (excluding my index finger and thumb, which I have never used for
> testing) anymore.  Lancets are supposed to be of a finer gauge than injection
> needles (they don't have a channel in the middle for something being injected)
> but they sure do their damage over time.  I have become rather lazy about
> changing lancets--I probably go through 3 a week, which means I change a
> lancet when it's getting dull--but I use the sharpest, thinnest ones I've
> found: B-D Ultra-Fine.  They're a lovely shade of teal plastic too ;)

Hmm, I guess people differ (as if we didn't know that already!)
I've been blood testing for many years (though not for the 20+ years I've had
DM, as it wasn't available back then).
The only visible signs of blood testing on my fingers are from the last couple
of days. I can see two marks currently. And I test between 6-10 times daily.
And I change my lancet, oooh, about once every 3 months. I don't seem to have
any problems with either not feeling the stab, or of scar tissue. I do have
very good circulation in my hands though, which may help.
So John's explanation about the needle going in and out not making scar tissue
makes perfect sense to me. For some people I suppose it may still cause scar
tissue though. Clearly, the longer the needle (or whatever) is under your skin,
the more chance of developing scar tissue. I guess that also explains why some
people can leave a set in for 6 days without any problems and without leaving a
mark on  the site, and why some people need to change every 2 days or they get
huge scars. I can generally leave a set in for about 5-6 days, though I try to
change twice a week to be on the safe side.
There must be several factors that play a part - not the least of which is
general speed of healing and circulation (which are no doubt related).
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