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[IPk] Scar tissue

>On to the bg control aspect of your post: I'm pretty sure your poor absorption
>resulted from proximity of the cannula to some good old-fashioned scar tissue
>leftover from your injection days.  You'll have pockets of scar tissue you
>can't see or feel from the outside alllll over your tummy and the tops of your
>thighs, and, if you used them, your upper arms.  You'll know they're there
>when you hit them with a set insertion needle or a cannula.  Sometimes it
>feels like I'm trying to put my set into a brick wall, there's so much
>resistance from a scar tissue pocket.  I also lack sensation in my densest
>areas of scar tissue, formerly my "favorite" injection sites.

Melissa -

That's fascinating! I'd never thought in terms of the damage over the years
that 24000 injections has done to my fat. I guess I'd assumed it was self
healing. Is that not so? I'm talking off the top of my head here, but - as
Mary suggested - with a sharp needle that goes straight in and back out
again, does that not heal completely? (That would certainly motivate you to
use a sharp needle.)

I can well imagine that with an infusion set in for several days, there's
plenty of time for the flesh to start to heal *around* the catheter, and
would surely leave scar tissue underneath. There's something called
"tunnelling" some people get where the insulin leaks back out because of
this scar tissue. But I'm heading off into the land of the unknown here :-)

When I'm putting in an infusion set (I use Tender/Silhouette), like you, if
it hurts like hell, I move maybe 10mm. Sometimes I have to do this several
times before I find a spot that will take the infusion set comfortably.
Sometimes when I'm halfway in, if it gets tough, I take it out and start
again. Sometimes I can just "feel" that I've hit a blood vessel - and sure
enough if I take it straight out, it bleeds. This is good, since infusing
insulin into a bruise is not a recipe for good absorbtion. (I'm told the
body isolates a bruise, and much of the insulin there may never even get
into the blood stream.) For me, avoiding spots that hurt or blood vessels
is a good reason for not using these insertion guns, convenient though they

But we're all different and have to find what works best for ourselves :-)


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