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[IPk] Re: antibiotics


I had an abcess that went pretty deep.  Topical antibiotics, which I'd tried
using for about a week, were useless against it.  In general, as I understand
it, a pump site infection simmers beneath the skin.   Skin may heal OVER it.
That's what happened to me.  The better my tender site looked on the outside,
the worse it felt.  I could not fasten my jeans or sit down without cringing.
The Neosporin (topical antibiotic cream) I applied regularly may actually have
made things worse by inhibiting drainage.  When I finally got diagnosed
properly, the doctor told me to apply only hot-washcloth compresses (no
topical antibiotics) to the site to draw out the infection.  He wanted me to
let the almost-healed-over insertion spot it stay open, covered loosely with a
sterile plaster.  After applying the hot compresses, I had a lot of drainage.
A topical antibiotic would have sealed the nasty stuff in my body and it could
have turned quite toxic.

Is that helpful?

IDDM 7+ years; MiniMed pumper 5+ years; glad to have had just one doozy of an
infection _always_!

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Cam anyone tell me why you can't treat site infections with a topical


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