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Re: [IPk] Guy's Hospital

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, email @ redacted writes
>I have recently been referred by my GP (who also manages my diabetes) to
>Guy's Hospital investigate starting on a pump.  I am aware from some
>people's comments on the list that they either are or were at Guy's and I
>would be interested in their comments on the following.
>1:  How long did it take between GP referral and your first appointment at
About 4 months
>2:  Do Guy's try to manage your diabetes by tuning your existing methods
>first or is the referral to look into pumps straight away.  Do most people
>referred end up with a pump?
They were economical with the truth, it was implied that if I needed a
pump, they had a pump clinic and I'd get one.  But they didn't.  So they
fine tuned for three years before starting a pump clinic (to be fair,
the first year was a significant improvement, and I've not yet - after
nearly five months of pumping, got back to the HbA1C level I had at the
end of that first year. However, this may be different now they really
do have a pump clinic.
>3:  How long did it take to get a pump from the time of the first
3.5 years.  
>4:  How are the pumps/consumables funded at Guy's?  What are the chances of
>getting on a trial with a supplied pump?  Does the funding depend on where
>you were referred from?
My pump and consumables are funded entirely by my health authority (West
Surrey).  I don't think Guy's had a lot to do with the success of that
funding bid .... but I might be wrong. Don't let that put you off -
being a superb diabetes team (shouldn't) include being great grant-
writers!  I stole Elizabeth's great application (my version is up on the
insulin pumpers site, Elizabeth's is (bother - lost it - there's
probably a link from the pumpers' site).

>5:  Once on a pump do you stay under the control of Guy's or are you
>eventually referred back to your local hospital/GP.
I've been on a pump for nearly five months.  There is no talk of
referring me back to a local hospital.
You remain, of course, with your GP for normal stuff.  

Best wishes,

dm30+, 508 4months+

Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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