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RE: [IPk] Insulin availability; was "insulin abuse"

>That's a very interesting idea. We have a lot of material accumulated at
>http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk, particularly in the Experiences section.
>One aim of the site is to allow people to share their thoughts and
>experiences outside the control of hospitals and pump companies. This
>freedom may give the information extra credibility for some people.

>But a user guide by users sounds great. Do you volunteer to be

If we did do a user guide, I suggest it be presented as downloadable word or
pdf files, so medical staff and diabetes volunteers could print it off for
new pumpers who didn't have web access.

A few of us talked briefly off list about another type of guide for type I
diabetes in general that would provide things like sliding scales based on
carb ratios, sick day info based on insulin ratios, that could be used by
medical staff who now provide a one-size-fits-all (when it patently
doesn't!) information sheet. And Julian is looking at a sort of diabetes
scorecard to help people set and manage goals.

Hmm, do you thing we could convince our bosses to give us all a month's
unpaid leave to produce all these materials?? Think of the public service
they'd be doing! :-)

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