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Re: [IPk] Insulin availability, and other matters

>In the end, we shouldn't use them at all for minor bugs, especially viral
>ones, but we should use them early and often for bacterial infections such
>as skin or urine infections, which in our case can quickly get very serious.

Interesting. I'm British, but currently live in Germany, and German doctors
I've spoken to regard it as quite irresponsible that British (or Irish)
doctors don't routinely prescribe antibiotics for a minor viral throat
infection. Their logic seems to be that you are at high risk of a bacterial
infection while laid low by the viral infection.

As they say, as many doctors, as many opinions :-)

>PS, don't forget the flu vaccine. It really does work, is very safe and
>reduces your risks of time off work with flu by 60-70%.

Eek. I face this decision every year. Last time I had a flu jab was Oct
1990, when I had just started a post-grad course at music college in
Manchester. My diabetes was not well controlled, and I was stressed out a
lot of the time. I ended up with mild flu the entire winter, and it didn't
really clear up till March the following year :-( Was that my flu jab? Or
was it reentering a student environment? No idea. But when I started on the
pump, I had no colds or sore throats for the first 2 years. Then we had a
baby boy, and we've all had occasional bouts of baby bugs!

>Anyway, I didn't
>join the list to pontificate about medical matters, so sorry!

I think you are very brave to stick head over the parapet :-)


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