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RE: [IPk] Guy's Hospital

Hi Colin

I was refered to Guys because I wanted to try a pump and they
have a good reputation in London.  You do not have to go on a
pump if you go to Guys.  Indeed it was an effort to persuade
them to let me try (didn't think my control was bad enough -
don't get me started on this it's my favourite rant!).  The
funding issue depends on your local authority or trust.  I am
currently waiting to hear. I had a months free trial with
Minimed and have now purchased a pump.  I waited about 2
months to get my appointment and then 6 months to get a pump.
The reason it took 6 months was because of the funding issue.
As I was self-funding Guys wanted to charge me #9000 for the
nursing care I would receive during training.  It took a
while for my consultant to persuade the board of Guys that
this wasn't a good idea.  As far as who you see afterwards
than I guess that's up to you.  I used to go to St Thomas's
because they had a good reputation despite living in
Berkshire.  I now hope to transfer all my care to Guys.  It's
a personal choice (so long as your GP is happy to pay for
your care outside of your health authority area and I think
most are)

Hope this helps 


IDDM 24 yrs pump 6 wks.

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I have recently been referred by my GP (who also manages my
diabetes) to
Guy's Hospital investigate starting on a pump.  I am aware
from some
people's comments on the list that they either are or were at
Guy's and I
would be interested in their comments on the following.

1:  How long did it take between GP referral and your first
appointment at
2:  Do Guy's try to manage your diabetes by tuning your
existing methods
first or is the referral to look into pumps straight away.
Do most people
referred end up with a pump?
3:  How long did it take to get a pump from the time of the
4:  How are the pumps/consumables funded at Guy's?  What are
the chances of
getting on a trial with a supplied pump?  Does the funding
depend on where
you were referred from?
5:  Once on a pump do you stay under the control of Guy's or
are you
eventually referred back to your local hospital/GP.

Sorry to ask so many questions.  I am keen to find out more
about what my
options are and how things are likely to proceed from here.
I accept that
everybody is different and therefore their experiences will
be different,
but I would be interested to know what happened to other
people and whether
there is any consensus that emerges.


	Colin - 33, IDDM 17Yrs

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