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Re: [IPk] Insulin availability, and other matters

John, you asked:

You're the doctor, and these are the tools of your trade, but does the
regular, or even occasional, use of anitbiotics to fight a local skin
infection in an otherwise healthy person not reduce the body's natural
infection fighting abilities? Just curious :-)

The answer is no, as far as I can tell. Antibiotics are poison for bacteria,
basically, so they don't really affect the person who takes them at all,
other than to influence their own natural bacteria population eg in the
mouth or bowel, leading to thrush or diarrhoea.

Even when you are on an antibiotic, your natural defences still work just as

The main downside of taking antibiotics is that bacteria gradually evolve
defenses against the antibiotics, so we have to invent new ones. That is not
a problem for individuals, but for populations, so it's really a concern for
the prescriber.

In the end, we shouldn't use them at all for minor bugs, especially viral
ones, but we should use them early and often for bacterial infections such
as skin or urine infections, which in our case can quickly get very serious.

PS, don't forget the flu vaccine. It really does work, is very safe and
reduces your risks of time off work with flu by 60-70%. Anyway, I didn't
join the list to pontificate about medical matters, so sorry!

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