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[IPk] Terminology control

In message <00ee01c1325c$7a8e2300$email @ redacted>, paulleonard
<email @ redacted> writes
>Can we have consensus on terms used by the group?  Pat uses the term "bad set"
>for an infected site; personally I'm unhappy about this because it implies
>that the fault is in the equipment (and sorry, but if you've got an infection,
>it's almost certainly caused by yourself rather than a contaminated set).

You're speaking to someone who's co-dependent on terminology control!  I
realise I use 'bad set' for two quite separate things, and I'd like to
retain it for one of those uses (or can we come up with another term?)

I'm happy to go with 'infected site' for infected sites.  But we also
need a more general term which covers both 'infected site' and 'allergic
reaction at site', and then a more general term still which covers that,
and malabsorbtion at a site. I use 'bad set' as that top-level term. And
while it does include operator error ('infected site', it also covers
equipment failure ('allergic site') and body failure ('malabsorbing
site').  Would 'bad site' be a better term?  I can't help thinking that
the site was perfectly happy until I stuck the set in it, though - and
I'm therefore wanting to blame that bit of plastic, not my flesh!  Now,
if you follow the reasoning of some linguists, what we call things can
have an impact on what we do.  So by calling it an infected set we make
it clear that the thing to do is take the set out, and abandon it.  If
we call it an infected site we make it clear that the thing to do is to
take antibiotics.  We could call it an infected site/set, and that might
encourage us to do both.

I can't tell the difference between infection and allergic reaction, so
I'd really like a term to cover both kinds of failure).  I've had one
definite allergic reaction (came up in a weal along the length of the
needle - it was in my for a few minutes and hurt like hell), and one
that I think may have been an allergy - the odd sensation which
sometimes happens with a new set, is fairly mild and quietens after a
few minutes, or at most a couple of hours, instead intensified and
intensified until it was definitely painful. I don't think I've had any
infections, so I don't know how they feel, if different to allergies.
But I'm always aware that a malabsorbing site or an allergic site could
be an infected site, and therefore treat them all the same.

Best wishes to all,

DM30+, 508 4months+, and, would you believe it, writing today about 'The
identification of distinct styles capable of being connected and
separated can become an end in itself, resulting in the creation of
Pat Reynolds
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   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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