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Re: [IPk] Insulin availability, and other matters

>How common are infections among pump users? I've been injecting insulin for
>25 years, and I've only had 2 infections, both many years ago and before
>they started using cresol in the insulin. This has made infections almost
>impossible for those simply injecting with a needle.

Tony - from my scorecard, I had no injection-site infections in the 22
years I was on injections. And in the 4 years I've been on a pump, I've had
2 minor infusion-site infections - what seemed like a nasty acne spot, that
took a week or two to totally heal and disappear. (I am generally a slow

>Does the in-dwelling catheter with pump use increase infection risk? This
>isn't discussed when starting on a pump, as I just have. Any comments?

Seems to vary a lot from person to person. Man has been getting nicks, cuts
and splinters for thousands of years. So the general process is not new.
But possibly the longer you leave the infusion set in place, the higher the

>PS I am a doctor too, and no question about it, when any infection occurs at
>a site, do 2 things. 1: dispose of the whole set, and 2: start antibiotics,
>preferably long BEFORE an abscess develops!

You're the doctor, and these are the tools of your trade, but does the
regular, or even occasional, use of anitbiotics to fight a local skin
infection in an otherwise healthy person not reduce the body's natural
infection fighting abilities? Just curious :-)


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