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[IPk] Gastroparesis

I have just been diagnosed with gastroparesis, which I don't know too much
about.  I thought that I was previously because I have had the pump since
February (when I first got the symptoms of stomach overfill and nausea etc.)
and I was quite happy to not bother to eat until the evening and then just
have a couple of mouthfuls before feeling bloated.  I was thinking that this
was great because I didn't have to eat much and I could just have a couple
of units of insulin after I ate each night.  
I am now wondering if anything could have been caused by using the pump.  I
don't think, so but it seems strange that I should get gastroparesis just
after starting to use a pump.  Any ideas ???

Also, how do other people manage with the diet (I am on a liquid diet at the
moment because I have lost so much weight (6 kilos) and don't like eating.
The next stage seems terrible - no fibre foods or fresh fruit and veg.  When
I have been eating I have tried to eat fibre and fresh food - thinking that
it is good for me.  This is a whole new change of diet and life style.

Any help with diet would be appreciated.


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