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Re: [IPk] Funding for a pump

> Hi
>I have today started my 4 week trial on the minimed pump. Can anyone tell me
>that if they got funding for their's how did they go about it and how long
>did it take for you to get it.If you could not get the funding through the
>nhs or your local health authority did you have to raise the funds yourself
>and how did you do it, any suggestion would be greatly accepted.
>And if i like the pump i would not want to go back onto injections again, at
>the moment i am on saline for a week, but when it was being explained to me
>everything felt right about it, as i did have a few reservations to begin
>with, but they have all gone now. Can anyone offer any pratical advise on
>sleeping with it as the tubing does not seem very long and i am assured that
>i will not pull it out, but i sleep all over the place that i am scared this
>may happen.
>Thanks sara

Hi Sara

Just to let you know after several months of fighting for funding I, and 2 others in West Sussex have just got it - as far as I am aware it is being funded jointly by the HA and local PCG (whom are now looking at all diabetics who may benefit from pump therapy in West Sussex)  I know 2 ladies in Havant Hampshire who have also got funding from their local PCG.   S0 keep fighting - I wrote to Health Ministers, HA, PCG's and newspapers. The Health Dept have informed me that pump therapy is being looked at in the Diabetes framework and the funding is there its up to individual HA to decide whether they will pay for the consumables or not.  I'm sure John from INPUT will be in touch with you so you'll get=!
20loads of good advice.  GOOD LUCK let us know how you get on.

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