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[IPk] Amylin

>Type I diabetics are not able to deliver a hormone called amyline (I think
>thats how you spell it) to control stomach emptying although they do produce
>it. It helps smooth out the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose so as
>not to overwhelm the body. I took part in a clinical trial for diabetics but
>it did not reach the market. It certainly improved my control (pre-pump) but
>can not compare with using a pump.

Thanks for that info Philip.

Di Maynard dug up this for me at

>Amylin, like insulin, is lost from the pancreas in animal models and
>humans with insulin-dependent (type 1) diabetes. Earlier work has led to
>the conclusion that amylin deficiency could contribute to the hypoglycaemia
>which complicates insulin therapy in this form of diabetes. Large scale
>synthetic strategies for biologically active amylin have been derived, and
>amylin co-replacement therapy for type 1 diabetes is presently in phase II
>clinical trials in the USA and Europe.

I've always been aware that in Type 1 diabetes it is not just insulin that
is lacking, but several other hormones. But insulin is the only one which
is absolutely essential for life.

My Bristol consultant Edwin Gale told me that most people with Type 1
diabetes don't produce glucagon - the hormone which stops insulin working.
Or rather, they produce it, but it can't be properly delivered.

So we inject or infuse insulin, which causes hypos, and lack two key
hormones, glucagon and amylin, which protect against hypos.

I think we should all pat ourselves on the back for doing so well in very
difficult circumstances! :-)


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