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Re: [IPk] Funding for a pump

>Hi Sara -
>What length of tubing are you using? Normally they come in 2 lengths: 60cm
>and 110cm. The 110cm gives you plenty of room to wrap it around your body
>several times at night :-) I just leave it lying in the bed, and it moves
>with me in the night. Others stuff it under the pillow.

I was worried about this too, as I move around a lot in my sleep. But I too
just leave it in the bed and it's fine. 
Some people clip it onto their pyjamas/whatever they wear in bed, or even
sew a pocket that they can put it in.
Others use one of the accessories such as the waist-it (thing that goes
round your waist and holds the pump in a pocket. I've done this (clipped it
on) when I've been sharing a bed with someone (in a non-sexual way) and been
worried about them getting caught up in my tubing. I don't normally do that
though, because it hurts when you lie on the pump, and pretty much wherever
it's clipped, you're going to lie on it - at least, if you move around as
much as I do. 
I've also tried sleeping with it in the Leg Thing, and that was great, except that my leg got very hot having the "thing" wrapped round it all
night!  It
took me a couple of weeks to feel comfortable sleeping with it, but now it
doesn't bother me at all.
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