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RE: [IPk] Re: ketone testing

>This is a good example of the point I was making to Nanette.  Ketones are a
>by-product of the body using fat as a fuel source.  If you are exercising at
>extreme levels (any exercise is extreme in my view ;-) but most would
>consider a marathon more than "normal") then your body is going to use up
>its ready supply of glucose and turn to the fat reserves to keep you going.
>Hence the ketones even though your bg's seem to have stayed pk.

Thanks Annie :-)

And of course, ketones are only dangerous when they are very high, and in
conjunction with a very high bg. The body gets dehydrated, and the high
ketones causes DKA.

Nanette had ketones (through moderate starvation) with a normal bg, and
elisabeth had
ketones through exercise, again with a normal bg, but when I had high
ketones and a very high bg in the aftermath of an extremely bad hypo, my
doctor put me hospital for observation...


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