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RE: [IPk] Re: ketone testing

> Ah!  And I remember testing ketones the evening after I did the mini
> marathon. The stick came up quite dark, and I got a fright. I was very
> puzzled, because my BG was 10 or so, which doesn't warrant ketones - I
> don't even remember what possessed me to do a ketone test. I had
> not pumped
> any insulin for an hour during the race, but I had never had no insulin in
> my body, because I did eat something after the race, which I covered.

Hi Elizabeth

This is a good example of the point I was making to Nanette.  Ketones are a
by-product of the body using fat as a fuel source.  If you are exercising at
extreme levels (any exercise is extreme in my view ;-) but most would
consider a marathon more than "normal") then your body is going to use up
its ready supply of glucose and turn to the fat reserves to keep you going.
Hence the ketones even though your bg's seem to have stayed pk.


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