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RE: [IPk] Re: ketone testing

> The one time ketone testing was really useful for me was last winter
> when I had flu.  For several days, I drank lots of water and
> unsweetened herb tea and clear soups but hardly ate or drank any carbs,
> raised the basal rate on the pump, tested frequently and had very
> nicely low blood sugars, and couldn't understand why I was feeling
> increasingly lousy.  Suddenly in the middle of the night it occurred to
> me that the only previous time I had ever felt quite like this was just
> before diagnosis of DM, and for sure this was DKA. Ketostix confirmed
> it, but only showed relatively small amounts of ketones, so I waited
> till morning, by which time things were worse.

Hi Nanette

This would figure.  You get ketones when the body breaks down fat as an
energy source.  This could be due to lack of sufficient insulin (and
therefore high bg's) or because of inadequate food intake.  If you were not
eating much to speak of, the you body will break done its fat reserves in
order to keep ticking over.  This is the principle of losing weight and why
dieters also show ketones.


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