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Re: [IPk] infusion sites

On Wed, 27 Sep 2000, you wrote:
>Hi all -
>My belly is quickly running out of unscarred or heavily blood-vesseled
>areas.  I did try one once in the space above my belly button and to the
>left, but it was sore, even though infusion and BGs were grand.  I know
>people have experienced uneven absorption from their buttocks.  Does anyone
>use those sites regularly?

Hi Elizabeth
Every so often I use the buttocks, but about 50% of the time I get bad
absorption. So it's a bit hit and miss. I only use them when I'm really
running out of places, which occasionally happens.
I've found the hip area, and just above, is a good alternative. Th eplace
where people get a spare tyre, although you don't need to have loads of
spare flesh there.  With the upper abdomen, it's quite hit and miss for me,
because I often hit a muscle, and it hurts, or doesn't last for more than a
day or so.  As you found. But you might want to persevere with that, 
because sometimes I can get great sites there, and sometimes they're not
so good. I often also go very low on the abdomen - basically as low as you
van get - which is always reliable.

i did try the upper arm once, and I got NO absorption whatsoever. It was
really weird. After about 4 hours and about 50 units of insulin, I gave up!
I tried it on a second occasion and the exact same thing happened. I don't
dare try that again! 
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