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Re: [IPk] ketone testing

>> Aha, Abigail -  someone who tests for ketones when they're high.
>> Can you explain why exactly you test for ketones, and what you would do if
>> you found them (that you wouldn't do anyway, knowing that you're high?
>No not really
>just panic a bit more I suppose

But does a high bg *cause* ketones? This I don't understand. I thought it
didn't. If I'm getting my normal basal rate, and eat 3 Mars Bars without
bolusing, I'm going to get a high bg. But surely I won't get ketones will
I? But if I disconnect my pump, and don't eat, I'm going to get a high bg
within a few hours and high ketones.

So high bg without ketones means you've over eaten without bolusing - more
fool you. But high bg with ketones means something major is wrong and you
should act quickly. Normal bg with ketones - as Nanette described - may
mean you've not eaten much for a few days which is quite normal when you've
got flu.


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