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Re: [IPk] Re: ketone testing

>I found the comments on ketone testing after a night where you suspect
>you might have had a hypo without being aware, very interesting -
>hadn't thought about that, and it happens to me quite often, so I'll
>try next time.

About 15 years ago, while at university, I had a massive hypo one night. I
was on my own, and "came too" mid morning. In my stupour I rang the doctor.
He came round. He tested my bg which was very high by this time (hypo
rebound) and I had very high ketones in my urine (from the hypo?). Anyhow,
he called an ambulance and had me admitted to hospital for 24 hours. I
didn't complain, as I was a complete zombie by this stage. I believe it's
part of the standard protocol to put a patient with high ketones and high
bg under close observation, as there is the potential for things to go
wrong quite rapidly.


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